Point "A" Park is situated on the shores of the rustic 700-acre Point ‘A’ Lake. It offers a 

 serene setting where sunsets are amazing, and relaxation is abundant.

 As a county-owned and operated park, Point "A" Park aims to be your favorite family 

 camping, fishing, boating, and swimming destination.

 When you’re at the park, you can leave your watch at home—you’re on “lake time”! 

 The goal is for visitors to have a great time, and the staff is dedicated to helping achieve that 


 ​If you are looking for a partially paved, shady or secluded Campground/RV Park to   unwind after a rough week, then you have come to the right place. 

 Come and discover this hidden gem and leave your worries behind! 

​Y'all Come on Down and Check Us Out!